Trade Policy

The IK1 technology, legal entity of private law, has contracts for sales of products and software, with exclusive, internationally renowned brands, as well as an area of internal development of hardware and software.

This trade policy will serve to guide the relationship between the IK1 and technology market. It is understood as a market, any person or entity wishing to purchase or sell any product or service of IK1 Technology or fot it represented.

Maintain business relationship with IK1 Technology is simple, besides being an effective partnership for you to add value to your business. First, however, to ensure a solid and profitable relationships is critical that you know and agree with our trade policies and practices.

The positioning of IK1 Technology market is a Master Distributor, selling exclusively to or through registered dealers. The IK1 Technology does not sell its products directly to end-consumers.

The beginning of any partnership with IK1 Technology is through the trading record. The trade record is filled using the form published in the “Become a Reseller” page under Internet: session “Reseller”.

After preliminary analysis for classification as Authorized Reseller, a Business Manager will contact you as soon as possible.

The price, as well as the whole of Trade Policy, will be sent so only after filling in the form and analysis to become classified as Authorized Reseller.

In case of doubt or need further clarification, please contact us at